Cigar Snuffers


How Do They Work?...
Place a snuffer in any ashtray. Drop lit cigarette or cigar into snuffer chamber and watch as it extinguishes fire in 5 seconds.

Solid ceramic with center hole through and through for easier cleaning.

 Benefits... Stops worry of endless out in seconds

Reduces fire hazards associated with smoking... emptying an ashtray into trash to discover that a butt is still smoldering.

No grinding buts ashtrays stay cleaner.

Eliminates foul odors... from soiled ashtrays and burning filters.

Decreases second hand smoke...smoke stops immediately when placed into snuffer.

Eliminates costly waste... cigar or cigarette can be relit.

"Just Puff It... Then Snuff It"

1 1/4” In Size

$2.59 Each

3/4” Chamber - Fits Most Cigars



Fish & Hunt












Western & Southwestern


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